A Look At Cosmetic Dentistry And How You Can Achieve A Stunning Smile

June 6, 2018 - By Bruce Michaelson
A Look At Cosmetic Dentistry And How You Can Achieve A Stunning Smile

Whether it is subtle changes or major fixes, cosmetic dentistry can help enhance your smile. You may have discoloured teeth, chipped, gapped or misshapen teeth which can be fixed through numerous dental techniques. Your dentist can close spaces, reshape teeth, restore short teeth, alter the length of teeth or restore worn out teeth. There are common dental procedures provided by a dentist that can include bleaching, crowns, bonding, veneers, contouring and reshaping. However, not all procedures need to be cosmetic. There are many oral issues like your bite that dental clinics have the expertise to provide solutions for.

Bleaching – bleaching is a chemical process, a very common and popular technique used in teeth whitening. You may want to have whiter teeth or remove stains on your teeth. There are many reasons for stained teeth like drinking tea and coffee, smoking cigarettes or taking strong medication. Bleaching is where a custom mouthpiece is created to add just the right amount of whitening solution. Teeth whitening will take two appointments, at the most.

Bonding – bonding is where tooth coloured material is used to change the colour or close the gaps in your teeth. Bonding can be done in a single sitting. This treatment is long-lasting and will last several years. It is an effective solution to teeth restoration. If teeth are decayed or chipped bonded composite resin is the best choice of material. You may have tooth cavities, for example, that can also be filled using bonding.

Crowns – crowns are caps which are used to cover your tooth and restore it to its original appearance. Crowns are an alternative when all other procedures have been ruled out. Crowns are a long lasting procedure; however the procedure can take time.

What is the best dental procedure for you?
This question can be answered in consultation with your dentist in Dubai as to which technique is best suited to give you the stunning smile you’ve always wanted. You can make the decision based on the overall health and condition of your teeth. If you want to know which procedure is right for you, you can discuss questions along the lines of what is the procedure like, how significant are the changes and what kind of post treatment care will you require.

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