Looking To Change Your Appearance? Consider Porcelain Veneers

May 7, 2017 - By Bruce Michaelson
Looking To Change Your Appearance? Consider Porcelain Veneers

When you meet someone new, what is the first thing you notice about them? It is their smile. Now this smile can be bright and dazzling or dowdy and unattractive. It may be that they have crowded teeth, chipped or broken tooth, discoloured or stained. It doesn’t make for an appearance that is appealing. No one likes to have dental imperfections because it can be so glaring. Many people may wonder what to do about their crooked teeth?

Porcelain veneers a cosmetic and dental procedure has become increasingly popular in recent years. You may have heard of porcelain veneers but don’t know too much about it to make a determination. What are porcelain veneers? They are natural, thin sheaths made to fit on the surface of your front teeth to correct dental imperfections. If you have cracks or chips in your teeth, a dentist may recommend porcelain veneers. It can also be considered as a teeth whitening option.

Customized veneers

Veneers are customized and each patient will be fitted with a cosmetic dentistry process that is completely personalized. This means you have a personalized treatment plan which has your particular goals and needs in mind. Porcelain veneers have a natural look as the thin sheaths are colour matched to conform to the rest of your teeth. You can request for a single veneer or multiple veneers for your teeth, depending on whether they are broken, chipped or cracked. You can also have porcelain veneers fitted simply because you want to undergo a full cosmetic procedure.

What is the procedure like?

You may wonder if this procedure is complex. No it is not. It is a simple procedure that is non-invasive. It is also fast and painless. As much it is called a dental procedure, it is uncomplicated to say the least. Only the front of your teeth are fixed with veneers, which means your dentist will file it every so slightly. Porcelain veneers are a long lasting solution, it can last for decades. It is up to you to practice proper dental care and hygiene at home. Remember, brushing and flossing are imperative to caring for your teeth. And a visit to the dentist office every now and then is also recommended.

Do I get that great smile?

And to top it all off, you get that perfect smile! If you’ve ever been envious of the Hollywood smile and wondered how all these celebrities keep their teeth perfectly white and dazzling, there is a secret to it. It is a secret you too can be privy to. And it is perfectly aligned teeth you too can have!

And onto the pearly whites!

Dental veneers are an inexpensive way to get a pearly white teeth and a straight smile. Porcelain veneers do not stain or become discoloured like natural teeth. You already have a teeth whitening option in place, you do not have to invest in a separate one. So keep smiling, everyone will love it!

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