Misconceptions About Dental Veneers

June 15, 2017 - By Bruce Michaelson
Misconceptions About Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are an incredibly simple yet effective cosmetic dental solution. Through which individuals can have the smallest of deformities of their teeth corrected. A minimally invasive approach is adopted in which the concerned tooth is covered with a thin sheet of porcelain. Serving to cover all of the apparent problems of the tooth and giving it an attractive appearance.

But despite the simplistic approach and technique used in the placement of veneers many patients still refrain from this treatment option. Partially because of a lack of familiarity and partially due to myths and misconceptions associated with them that convey a false account of the treatment.
Some of the common misconceptions about the placement of porcelain veneers include:

The Procedure will be Painful

Some people who still face dental phobia automatically associate a dental clinic with grave discomfort, without even looking into the procedure at hand. In reality the placement of veneers triggers minimal pain. Your dentist will firstly prep you for the placement, by removing a very thin slice of enamel from the surface of your tooth and then the porcelain veneer will be bonded over it through a chemical substance known as resin.

The whole procedure may cause some discomfort and pain, and for this reason local anaesthesia is given. So that patients don’t feel a thing and are as comfortable as can be

Veneers will not look Natural

The goal of any cosmetic procedure is always to provide patients aesthetically pleasing yet natural looking teeth. Teeth that look fake and artificial are neither appreciated by dentists nor patients. The reason that veneer placements have gained so much popularity is particularly because they give patients flawless yet natural looking smiles.
The porcelain material that is used for the veneers reflects light just as your natural teeth would, and they blend in with the rest of the teeth. You can be assured that no one will even notice the difference and everyone will only be left mesmerized by your flawless smile.

Their Striking White Colour makes them very Noticeable

Assumptions can often be very misleading. Many people have veneers placed because they want a permanent solution for their stained and discoloured teeth and the white shade of veneers can help overcome this problem.
So people go on to assume that veneers come only in striking white shades and if they have veneers placed on only a single tooth it will stand out unpleasantly among the rest.
Thankfully, cosmetic dentists have come up with a solution for this problem as well. Dentists in Dubai can colour the veneers that are to be placed over the surface of the tooth the exact same shade as the remaining teeth. This serves to camouflage the veneers and make them look completely natural.

The Importance of this Treatment

Patients should realize that veneers are a great solution to all their cosmetic dental problems and can really help enhance their teeth. Those who have discoloured, stained, chipped off and crooked teeth can all have them corrected through dental veneers and can see a marked difference in their smile and overall personality.

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