Myths on Root Canal Treatment in Dubai

March 6, 2014 - By Bruce Michaelson
Myths on Root Canal Treatment in Dubai

Root Canal Treatment in Dubai is considered to be the most feared dental procedure by many patients.

Survey results show that many people in Dubai with a fear of the dentist, base their fears on someone else’s experiences and what they have heard rather than their own experiences. Therefore, this inaccurate description and unnecessary fear of root canals often prevent patients from visiting the Dentist in Abu Dhabi and having the care they need. There are instances, where patients have gone as far as requesting that a tooth is extracted, rather than opting for a root canal to save the tooth.

Before patient consider taking any decisions, here are a few of the common root canal myths that are addressed

Myth: Root Canal is painful

Root canal treatment is performed because a tooth is causing pain from an irreversible condition. Some of the reasons that a root canal is performed is because the patient has pulpits, an infected pulp, broken teeth, or a slowly dying nerve.
Root canal therapy is used to alleviate pain. Most people who have root canal treatment admit they did not experience any pain during the appointment and felt better afterward. Root canal therapy is performed to ease the pain and the reason that it labelled a painful treatment is because of the early treatment methods. Also, if the patient is suffering from pain on the day the procedure is scheduled, the apprehension and fear may heighten the sensations during the procedure. Today, with the developments in the latest dental technology, root canal treatment is no more uncomfortable than having a regular tooth filling.

Myth: A root canal may need several visits until the procedure is completed

Normally, a root canal treatment can be completed in one to two appointments. However, there are a number of factors that determine the number of appointment that is required to treat a root canal such as the extent of the infection and the difficulty of the root canal. The tooth needs to be restored after root canal therapy to ensure the tooth functions properly. These other appointments necessary to completely restore the tooth are not a part of the root canal process.

Myth: Root canal therapy makes you ill

Eventhough, many studies reveal that that root canal therapy can lead to other illnesses and health conditions such as heart disease, kidney disease, or arthritis, there is not confirmed or precise explanation or comprehensive research report that can confirm this.

Myth:  Only teeth that hurt can have a root canal treatment

Teeth that need root canal treatment are not always painful. Most often, it is teeth that were already dead that need treatment to prevent the tooth from becoming infected.
The Dental Surgeon in Dubai will examine the tooth that requires treatment thoroughly during the checkups. Sometimes, the dentist may even discover that a tooth has been already dead or in the process of dying during a routine dental check. A dead tooth can be confirmed by temperature testing, percussion testing and using a pulp vitality machine.
There are many patients who endodontically treat teeth to help them live a long and healthy life while enjoying their daily routines and activities.

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