What You Need To Know About Dental Implants

January 10, 2018 - By Bruce Michaelson
What You Need To Know About Dental Implants
When you think back to the past, the solution to losing teeth were through fixed bridges or dentures. And lets not forget the trouble or discomfort that came along with them. When dental implants were introduced it was like a breath of fresh air. If you are unsure about implants it is an artificial tooth placed in your mouth to provide support to a crown, bridge or denture. It is a titanium root that will fuse to your jawbone.
If you did not know this already, the dental implant procedure has one of the highest success rates of dental treatment solutions. It is a non invasive and safe procedure with minimal risks and complications. The success rate is usually a good 95%, although it does depend on the excellence of the dental clinic.
While you may need dental work, with dental implants it looks and feel as natural as your real teeth. Implants in Dubai are customized to look and feel like your natural teeth that no one would even know you’ve had any dental work done. It is not distinguishable from your real teeth.
Some people are worried about getting new teeth because it can turn out be uncomfortable. With dental implants it is quite the opposite. The chewing and biting experience will continue to be natural and you do not require special care during mealtime. You can eat and drink your favourite things. When it comes to traditional dentures the disadvantage is that is can slip off during meals, which is rather embarrassing for the wearer. Implants allows you to indulge in whatever you like without the hassle and inconvenience of dentures.
Implants in Dubai are the perfect solution to missing teeth. Teeth loss can lead to a void in the root of the tooth. Dental implants is the only dental treatment that aims to focus on parts of the teeth that can be seen and unseen. The tooth root is fixed to the jawbone. The implant tricks the bone into thinking it is the real root. This leads to new tissue growth with the jawbone accepting the implant as part of the root system. There is a natural bone between the metal and bone.
Dental implants will protect healthy teeth. Just because you have one bad tooth it does not end up damaging the rest of the teeth. The healthy teeth will be kept in tact and it will not be cut out or damaged in anyway.
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