How Orthodontic Treatment Can Help Jaw Pain

July 16, 2018 - By Bruce Michaelson
How Orthodontic Treatment Can Help Jaw Pain

Many times we seek orthodontic treatment because of misaligned teeth, overbite or underbite. It is not often that we visit a dentist in Dubai because we experience a clicking sensation or suffer from chronic jaw pain. Could orthodontic treatment help?

TMJ is a condition that results in chronic pain which occurs in your temporal mandibular joint that connects your skull to the jawbone. Temporal mandibular joint disorder can occur over time. It is not always easy to determine the cause as it can be due to numerous factors such as stress and even jaw injuries or repetitive motion. Our joints are designed for talking and chewing, but if the joint has slid too far out you will experience TMJ. For some patients, self-care can help ease the pain, but for others it will compromise the quality of life.

TMJ pain varies from one patient to another. For some patients, it is stress, for others it is their bite problem or even grinding and clenching. People who suffer from this pain will experience common symptoms which include pain in the jaw, pain around the ear, pain while chewing, facial pain and chronic headaches. TMJ is more common in women and likely to occur between 20 and 40. You may also experience pain when you open your mouth wide and an uncomfortable bite.

Treatment for this condition too can vary between patients. If your pain is linked to bite problems or grinding and clenching the use of braces will be able to relieve the symptoms. When your teeth are aligned correctly the temporal mandibular joint will also move back to its original position. In addition, when the bite is aligned properly there may be less grinding and clenching helping you sleep better at night.

Orthodontic treatment in Dubai is designed to align the bite and correct crooked teeth. For some patients, this treatment reduces joint tension. It is also good to become aware of this tension as it can help you break the habit and rest your jaw. Making some changes to your diet can also help. For instance, consume softer foods and avoid chewy and sticky foods. Your dentist in Dubai will show you how to strengthen your muscle jaws through gentle exercises.

Imagine waking up without soreness or stiffness in your jaw? You can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep, and orthodontic treatment in Dubai will not only help you with jaw pain but also give you a healthy and beautiful smile.

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