Orthodontics And Children

May 3, 2018 - By Bruce Michaelson
Orthodontics And Children

According to The New York Times and other publications, the importance of early treatment orthodontics is increasingly understood by dental professionals worldwide. Having taught early treatment orthodontics as a member of the faculties of three U.S. dental schools, Dr Chris Baker is a pioneer in that field. She provides and recommends:

  • All children receive an orthodontic exam by the age of seven. Early treatment can prevent more extensive orthodontics later on, and even help the child avoid orthographic surgery as an adult.
  • If a young child — even as young as one year old — displays adverse growth such as; a severe underbite or overbite or has thumb-sucking habits that can cause malformed facial growth, the child may need orthodontic therapy.
  • Infants who cannot or will not nurse may require a sublingual frenectomy in order to eat normally and to thrive. A properly-trained dentist like Dr Chris can perform this procedure in just minutes.

Dr Chris Baker is the only Past President of the American Orthodontic Society practicing outside the United States. She blogs from Abu Dhabi on her website: Love and Orthodontics

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