Pearl Whites in the City of Gold: How to Whiten Teeth?

August 1, 2018 - By Bruce Michaelson
Pearl Whites in the City of Gold: How to Whiten Teeth?

Living in Dubai will show you different colors. You can see the golden gold in almost every part of the city, but sometimes gold isn’t the shade you want to see, especially when you’re in front of the mirror while brushing your teeth. Dubai is the city of Gold, but that doesn’t mean your teeth should be as bright too.
Teeth whitening usually takes time. While you can’t whiten your pearls overnight, these are the top culprits you’d want to put your handcuffs on:
1. Coffee, tea, or me?
If your teeth could speak to you, it would probably ask you the above mentioned question. Excessive drinking of coffee and tea are two of the biggest culprits behind the discoloration of teeth.
2. Fluoride
Too much of what’s good for your teeth can also cause the tarnishing. While we are not aware of it, we mostly get about 75 percent of fluoride requirements drinking soda, fruit juice, and even water. There are fluoride-free products over the marketplace that you might want to check up on.
3. Not Paying the Dentist Enough Visit
From missing out on your regular cleaning to not paying attention to your swollen gums, there are many factors to consider behind the discoloration of the teeth. While it is essential to practice good oral hygiene, teeth whitening can be achieved to its maximum potential with the help of a cosmetic dental procedure done by professional dentists in Dubai.
If you are new to the UAE and you’re looking for a dental clinic in the city, we have accessible locations situated in Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai, our branches can be found in Al Khalidiya and Khalifa. Our clinics in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have provided the best services since 1985. After years of excellence, you can get the guarantee that we excel in what we do. We offer a variety of dental treatments, attending to our patient’s needs individually.

Living in Dubai is all about the flashing lights around the city, and when you have great set of pearl whites, you are certainly living the posh that Dubai requires. While you cannot whiten your teeth overnight, our service is able to whiten your teeth that would last for at least 2 years (given the proper maintenance as well).

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