Periodontal Disease And Diabetes – What You Need To Know

April 18, 2018 - By Bruce Michaelson
Periodontal Disease And Diabetes – What You Need To Know

There are over a million people living with Diabetes in the UAE.

Periodontal disease is a relatively common disease with some form of it affecting almost 80% of the adult population here in the UAE. It is an infection of the gums, tissue and bone that hold the teeth in place, and often results in tooth loss if not treated.

The risk with periodontal disease if it is in the advanced stage, is that the bacteria that causes the infection can cross into the blood stream, causing harmful complications.

Diabetics can be more prone to periodontal disease due to poor blood circulation and a lowered immunity; according to the American Academy of Periodontology, periodontal disease is often considered a complication of diabetes. Research suggests that periodontal disease make it harder for diabetics to control their blood sugar.

However, with prevention or early intervention, the disease can be treated and managed.

If you have diabetes and would like to discuss or check your oral health, make an appointment now. Monitoring is key to your dental health.

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