Positive oral health with the Family Dentist in Dubai

February 15, 2015 - By Bruce Michaelson
Positive oral health with the Family Dentist in Dubai

Starting school after the holidays can be tedious, especially with a daily, early morning routine where time is of the essence. This also means that the child is growing up and taking on a lot of responsibilities. But it takes more than just a little guidance to help your child grow up healthy, especially a child’s oral hygiene, says a   Pediatric Dentist in Dubai and developing an early oral care regime can set the stage for good life long oral health and preventive dental care.

Most school aged children are ready to take on daily brushing and flossing, and parents should share in the responsibility of getting them motivated to do so, because getting them to brush and floss daily can pose a challenge.

Here are some measures that parents can take to make the process easier.

  • Buy products the child would like – Children have small hands, mouths and teeth with limited coordination and different taste preferences. Regular toothbrushes, dental floss and mouthwash can be harsh on the children and may not be child friendly. Children in turn will take a dislike to these products and reject them and make the dental care routine even more of  a struggle. So it’s best to use child friendly products that are designed especially for small hands, mouths and teeth. They are also attractive and come in sparkly colors, making  a child want to brush and floss their teeth as often as possible.
  • Find ways to make dental care fun – Oral care can be fun if the child does not treat is as a chore. Establish a routine, either in the night or in the morning. Also try to make brushing teeth a family affair, where everyone in the household brushes and flosses their teeth together. With small children parents can make funny faces and noises and make toothpaste foam smile and make it fun. This will help children not treat brushing and flossing as a chore and this will continue throughout their childhood and also into adulthood.
    Positive comments and rewards – Depending on the child’s age, establish a reward system to inspire the child to take responsibility for the habit of brushing their teeth.
  • Make a tooth brushing and flossing chart – The Dental Care in Dubai recommends that parents make a brush and floss chart to help the child have a sense of accomplishment. The chart can be made using cardboard or construction paper, markers, glitter glue, crayons, whatever is on hand to make a tooth brushing chart. Use colorful stickers to keep track of brushing and flossing. Involve the child in sticking them on the chart that adds some pride of ownership to the record keeping.
  • Gift Cards or Games – For older children use gift cards and games as a form of reward. Verbal praise also works well with older children as well.

Make dental checkups fun – Make sure to have regular dental checkups at the Dental Clinics in Dubai for your child. The Dentists will ensure that the child knows the importance of following a daily oral care routine. Dental checkups become associated with either verbal praise, or a tangible incentive. However, there are instances, where the child may need Dental Treatment in Dubai despite good oral care habits.

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