Reason why General Dentist Dubai recommends Athletic Mouth guards

February 1, 2015 - By Bruce Michaelson
Reason why General Dentist Dubai recommends Athletic Mouth guards

General dentist in Dubai explains that there are many adults and children who play contact sports who overlook using a sports mouth guard.

Not wearing a sports  mouth guard can lead to damage to your teeth and face, affecting your overall smile. Most people are not aware of the need for athletic  mouth guards, some don’t think it’s cool to wear them, while others may complain that they are uncomfortable and hinder their concentration. For safety purposes,  almost every contact sport requires a well fitted athletic mouth guard. A good athletic mouth guard will keep your mouth protected.  Here are some reasons as pointed out by our best Dentist in Dubai, about wearing sports mouth guards,

  • Protection against dental fractures. Trauma to the mouth can lead to a fractured tooth. An athletic mouth guard will prevent or decrease the severity of these types of injuries and will  preserve your beautiful smile. If a tooth does not fracture, there are other possible outcomes such as : Small fracture. If the fracture is very small it may stray away from the nerve of the tooth and the tooth can be repaired with dental bonding, where a tooth colored material to match the existing color of the tooth and restore the form and function.A fracture that exposes the nerve of the tooth. A  root canal  treatment in Dubai will be required at this point to save the tooth. A full crown may be necessary to complete the look.A fracture that reaches the root of the tooth. A fracture like this means that the tooth will have to be extracted. To replace the missing tooth or teeth in Dubai the  best option is to place dental bridges, dentures or dental Implants in Dubai.
  • Perfection from tooth  displacement. Athletic mouth guard acts as a cushion to any trauma that occurs around the teeth. For example, if you are hit in the face by a baseball when not wearing a mouth guard, the tooth may loosen or it might even fall out. The dentist may need to splint your teeth together to allow the tooth to heal by itself. Wearing a well fitted mouth guard will eliminate this risk.
  • Protection against the tooth being knocked out.  Blunt force trauma can basically knock a tooth out of its socket. However, with proper care and timely action, the tooth can be placed back in as soon as possible and can be saved. Using an athletic mouth guard eliminates the chances of  this happening.
  •  Protection against concussions. Wearing a well fitted athletic guard can protect against irrevocably damage due to multiple concussions that results in some contact sports such as rugby and football.
  • Protection to the lips, tongue, and cheeks. During sports the tendency has been to often bite down. If the sportsmen are not wearing a mouth guard, then when they bite down, they are damaging the soft tissues in and around the mouth. Mouth guards can prevent this from happening and help you enjoy your sports.
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