Reasons Why Your Teeth Could Be Hurting

August 28, 2022 - By Bruce Michaelson
Reasons Why Your Teeth Could Be Hurting

On average, at least 88% of the global population experience toothache at some point in life. While it surely may not be a fun experience, it’s a common occurrence which is perfectly treatable with the right choice of treatments under a reliable dental clinic. On your end, you can always be aware of the possible things that can cause toothache and take preventative measures before it severs. According to dental experts, here is a list of 10 common reasons that can possibly cause toothache.


Sometimes you can clench your jaw in times of anger, stress, or intense contractions. As a result, your teeth bear some of the stress that comes with clenching, leading to toothache and, over time, may even lead to wiggling or loose teeth.

Teeth Grinding

Sometimes even if you’re not stressed or angry, you can unintentionally grind your teeth while you sleep, causing a toothache. This usually happens due to a sleep disorder, when your bite doesn’t align properly with your teeth, or if you’re missing a tooth. You can use a night guard to prevent grinding while you’re asleep.

Overdoing Oral Rinses

Yes, rinsing your mouth multiple times a day may give you a deep and satisfying oral cleanse, but it comes with the downside of sensitive teeth. Most oral rinses have acids that can wear off the dentin, the middle layer of the teeth, causing sensitivities that can hurt your teeth.


If you feel you have pain in your upper back teeth mostly, then it can be due to a sinus infection. It is a common occurrence since your teeth are closely positioned alongside your nasal passages.

Jaw Issues

Your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) connects your lower jaw to your skull, and so when any part of the TMJ is not working properly because of injuries, arthritis, or anything else, it can bring a lot of downsides, which include toothache. The pain can be more apparent when you chew.

Nerve Damage

Although this is the least common occurrence, sometimes a condition called Trigeminal neuralgia (nerve damage) can be the root of your toothache. This condition leads to chronic nerve pain, and the pain is often triggered when brushing the teeth, eating, or drinking.

Gum Recession

When your gum recedes, they pull back the protective layer of the teeth nerves, causing them to hurt. Sometimes this can happen as a result of gum diseases, mouth sores, or if you have pus in the teeth (dental abscess). If you suspect you have receding gums, then get yourself checked at a dentist immediately.

Diet Is Too Acidic

Having a diet heavy on acid can wear off your enamel, leaving them less protected and increasing their sensitivities, easily causing toothache. Common foods that are too acidic include sugar candies, coffee, citrus fruits, and carbonated beverages.

Brushing Too Hard

Although you may feel it’s cleaning your teeth well, brushing too hard can actually wear off your tooth enamel, structure and your gum line. Enamel wearing off from your teeth can expose the root of your tooth, leading to increased sensitivities and, eventually, toothache.

Unfortunately, you can’t reverse the damages done to your teeth as a result of brushing too hard, but you have other teeth whitening and restoration options that can redeem the aesthetic and structural properties of your teeth.


You’re more likely to experience gingivitis when you’re pregnant, which causes you to bleed from your gums when you brush. During your pregnancy, you also have an increased likelihood of cavities. If you are consistent with your dental checkups while you’re pregnant, then the dentist will recommend proper oral care suitable for this period.

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