Resolving Your Concerns About Dental Fillings

June 28, 2022 - By Bruce Michaelson
Resolving Your Concerns About Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are used to restore the shape and stability of the tooth in a way that eases chewing and prevents further damage, decay, and loss of the tooth. Dental fillings are mostly needed in cases of tooth decay, injured or broken teeth where the enamel has chipped off, possibly exposing the tooth to decay and to restore the worn-out or eroded teeth.

Dental fillings are a result of advanced dental technology and have evolved so much over the years, making them extremely versatile and safe in nature for varying patient needs. However, despite this many continue to have many concerns about dental fillings, which makes them rather reluctant to undergo the procedure.

To clear the air, with the help of the dentists at the Advanced American Dental Center in Abu Dhabi, we have answered some of the common concerns regarding this common restorative dental procedure.


Nowadays there are many different types of dental filling materials that are available for safe use. This includes gold, silver amalgam, or tooth coloured composite resin. The type that will suit you the best will depend on many factors such as the location where you need filling, the extent of the decay, your budget, and the insurance coverage.

Generally, most dentists opt for composite resin material for a traditional dental filling. They offer a great all-around solution as it replicates the colour of the natural tooth, are long-lasting and are less expensive than other types of materials. If you have any further questions or aesthetic requirements, you can always discuss them with your dentist for a more apt solution.


The cost of your dental fillings in Dubai depends on many factors; the material being used, aesthetic requirements, skills and experience of the dentist, reliability and reputation of the dental clinic, size of the filling, and the amount of remaining tooth structure. While most general health plans don’t cover dental fillings, some do, so you can always ask them and inquire for clarifications.

Related Pain

Thankfully with the advancement of dental technology, you’re unlikely to experience any pain or discomfort while having a filling. There are many options for painless anaesthetics these days, and even the injection is painless and your mouth will comfortably numb throughout the duration of the procedure.

In some minor cases, you won’t require any anesthetic preparations as only the superficial top layer of the tooth will need treatment. On your part, you just need to get the fillings in Abu Dhabi done from a well-reputed, experienced, and advanced dental clinic that can deliver a painless and high-quality procedure.

Post-Procedure Feeling

While this depends on the type of filling you’re getting, usually, you may feel like something is in your mouth, as the presence of filling takes a few days to get used to. You wouldn’t feel any discomfort post-procedure. In fact, you will only feel more relieved of any pain or tooth sensitivity you experienced before getting a filling.

As with a composite filling, you can continue with your normal eating and drinking habits, once your anaesthetic wears off. Metal fillings may take a little longer to set, so this may only require you to avoid certain foods and drinks for a short period.


Taking care of fillings is easy. It just requires you to keep up with regular dental care routines like brushing and flossing twice daily and attending regular dental checkups.

While on average dental fillings may last up to 12-15 years, they do however wear off eventually and need replacement. The longevity of your fillings depends on the type of filling material as well.

When your filling wears off you may experience symptoms like your tooth becoming very sensitive, sharp pains and the feeling of jagged edges or cracks when you probe the area with your tongue

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