Reverse Your Age With Dental Face Lift: 3 Benefits Of Anti Aging Dentistry

September 5, 2019 - By Bruce Michaelson
Reverse Your Age With Dental Face Lift: 3 Benefits Of Anti Aging Dentistry

With anti-aging dentistry, you can improve your oral health and have a beautiful smile. Anti-aging dentistry is intended to help people look younger with dental care.


As we age, our mouth and face undergo some dramatic changes. Our teeth wear down with age and may seem shorter in size, producing an unattractive smile.


The shape and color of our teeth may also change as we get older. In some severe cases, our entire smile may change due to various factors like missing teeth. Anti-aging dental procedures are very common options for dealing with these concerns.


You could discover how you could benefit from the cosmetic dentist when it comes to anti-aging procedures.


Modern dentistry can produce not only a brighter smile but also a more youthful appearance, ranging from simple repairs like teeth whitening to more complex procedures designed to improve the underlying facial structure.


Facial aging is caused by the reduction in hard and soft tissue volume. We lose fatty tissue during the aging process and our facial bones shrink. Our skin begins to sag as the bones shrink, leading to the appearance of wrinkles.


But there is a way out of this! This volume reduction can be offset by facial dermal fillers injections while dental advancements and tools can be used to treat the underlying issues and help create a more healthy and youthful look.


Here are the top three benefits of Anti-aging Dentistry:


  1. Regain Your Youthful, Attractive Smile


Aging often causes the jaw to lose some of its fullness. In turn, this causes your face to appear slimmer, and then, when you smile, dark spots will appear on both sides of your teeth. 


This makes you look older. In addition, teeth will often become shorter as you age. Your teeth can become worn down due to grinding them, and shorter teeth will change your appearance, as well as possibly become painful.


Another issue that aging brings with it is that your smile changes as your mouth changes. There will be more wrinkles and your smile may not be as even as it was before, causing you to look less happy. Your face and smile may also become distorted and uneven as your lips begin to sag. Your teeth may also become discolored.


  1. Removing Aging Through Dentistry


You’d be glad to know that you don’t necessarily need surgery to look younger. Instead, by working on the teeth and building them up again, it can restore much of your previous, more youthful appearance.


Teeth can be restored to their original size and enhanced through veneers. It is also possible to close gaps and make teeth whiter. To reverse the effects of teeth shrinkage, crowns can be attached. With just a small crown, you can start seeing a noticeable difference in reducing some of the effects of aging.


  1. Repairing the Teeth


It is common for our teeth to accumulate damage over the years. You may develop cavities, missing chips, teeth discoloration, unstraightened teeth, and more. The dentist can then start building them up so that they are even and beautiful.


Final Thoughts


The best cosmetic dentist in Dubai will determine how to best correct the particular teeth problems you may face at the time. Whether it’s wrinkles around the mouth, sagging smile, shrinking lips, and more, the dentists will make the initial assessment.


When this has been done and some assessments were given, such as x-rays and an examination of your mouth’s structure, the dentists will then discuss the necessary treatments. Treatments that will help restore your face to a more youthful appearance will be recommended for your smile makeover.


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