Signs That Dental Implants May Be Good For You

November 2, 2017 - By Bruce Michaelson
Signs That Dental Implants May Be Good For You

If you are suffering from pain due to cracked or broken teeth or you are tired of the messy denture adhesives, and are looking for a dental solution once and for all it may be time to do some research on dental implants.


Let’s look at dental implant statistics. In the United States alone 3 million people have dental implants. Dental implants are popular as it is known to solve numerous dental irregularities. At the same time, implant treatment is a successful procedure with a success rate over 95%. Why are many people choosing implants, what are the signs that indicate dental implants may be good for you?


You have broken or cracked teeth

Sometimes, broken or cracked teeth cannot be fixed unless restorative dentistry techniques are used. Your only option may be to get a dental implant. Once your dental problem has been assessed by a dentist in Dubai this determination can be made. The goal would be to save the structure of the tooth. However, if it is severely damaged an implant may be the best solution to replace the tooth. And the best part is it will act and function like your natural tooth.


You have missing teeth

No one likes to walk around with missing teeth, it can be embarrassing and anxiety ridden altogether. There is hope, fortunately, dental implants can replace your natural teeth and blend in well with your original smile.


You have ill fitting dentures

Not everyone likes to deal with loose fitting dentures on a daily basis. The simple answer to fixing loose dentures is you get dental implants. It is an excellent alternative. You don’t have to feel self conscious anymore or worry about your dentures falling out in public.


There is loss of jaw bone

If you have been missing a tooth for a while you would soon notice loss of jaw bone. To prevent this from happening, dental implants in Dubai can hold the bone firmly in place. It is an artificial tooth root that is fixed to the jaw bone which is then accepted by the jaw as a natural tooth. This leads to lowered risk of bone deterioration.


Tooth function can change over time

Sometimes your teeth may change due to bite and grinding issues. You will soon notice your teeth are not functioning as well as they used to when eating, speaking or chewing. If you experience changes in the jaw function, it is certainly time to visit your dentist in Dubai and consider dental implant procedure.


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