Steps To Follow Prior To Starting A Teeth Whitening Treatment

June 2, 2020 - By Bruce Michaelson
Steps To Follow Prior To Starting A Teeth Whitening Treatment

Whitening treatments are simple procedures that brighten and bleach your teeth’s enamel with the help of a variety of chemicals. Any stains present on the surface are also effectively removed with the chemical agents that work to change your teeth’s color. Before the chemically intensive process takes place, it is essential to have some of the vital precautions and steps covered to reap the complete benefits of teeth whitening. All of these steps are detailed below for your reference. 

Get An Oral Exam

An oral exam is extremely useful in diagnosing any oral health problem that you might be suffering from that can affect the whitening process of your teeth. Your dentist can help identify issues such as plaque build-up, gingivitis, or infection in the gums and any other signs of bacterial infection or growth. 

The presence of bacteria can interfere with the whitening agents and cause complications where your gums become irritated and inflamed. To avoid such consequences, it is advised to get an oral exam conducted prior to the start of your teeth whitening in Dubai.

Treat Existing Issues

Any existing dental issues, be it with your teeth or gums, experts recommend having the problem taken care of in advance with the help of a dentist. Any small or major intervention, such as an orthodontic treatment including braces for straightening your teeth or even removing plaque from its surface, must be completed. This allows the chemical agents to work on the teeth efficiently and provide the desired results in the whitening process. 

If you are currently undergoing the initial stages of other dental treatments, dentists advise on postponing teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi. If you are unsure, consulting a dental hygienist will give you the best recommendation regarding the sequence of dental procedures that will satisfy both the aesthetic as well as functional needs of your teeth. 

Desensitize Your Teeth

Dentists agree that teeth whitening can lead to sensitivity given the gels’ chemical composition used to administer the treatment. If your teeth are already sensitive prior to the start of the procedure, you should undergo a desensitizing process to prepare your teeth for the chemical exposure. 

You can begin the procedure by using a desensitizing toothpaste two weeks before teeth whitening and continue to do so till the date of the treatment. Your teeth will become less prone to higher pain transmission, and you will experience less discomfort, allowing the procedure to go over smoothly. 

Schedule A Cleaning Session

A dental cleaning includes several processes such as plaque and tartar scaling, thorough flossing, and polishing your teeth to remove stains. As the formation of plaque or tartar indicates the presence of bacteria, it is essential to have any bacterial growth addressed at the very beginning. 

This is achieved through a cleaning session where any build-up is removed. Cleaning allows for the whitening to happen evenly throughout the surface of every tooth. A cleaning session can prepare your teeth for the whitening treatment while ensuring that the desired results are long-lasting. 

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