Teeth Whitening And Kids

March 7, 2018 - By Bruce Michaelson
Teeth Whitening And Kids

Is teeth whitening safe for kids?

Some kids start out with pearly white baby teeth. As they change their teeth for adult ones, their teeth might appear discoloured or slightly yellowish.

This is completely normal, and more times than not, it is a passing phase and the discolouration will disappear.

In some cases however, especially with teenagers, their teeth can stay a yellowish colour despite great oral care. In these cases, the child might want to consider teeth whitening.

For children aged 15 years and over, in-clinic whitening systems are too aggressive. Home whitening systems are safe to use but only after consulting with your dentist to suggest an appropriate system and get proper instructions for it.

For children under 15 years, teeth whitening is not safe.

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