Teeth Whitening – You Deserve A Beautiful Smile

June 13, 2018 - By Bruce Michaelson
Teeth Whitening – You Deserve A Beautiful Smile

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental procedure which removes discoloration, lightens your teeth and improves the overall aesthetic appearance of your smile.

Teeth can become discoloured as you grow older. It is said that there is direct correlation between getting older and the colour of your teeth. As a result of stains and discolouration you will find your teeth getting darker as you age.

Our teeth have different shades, from brown to yellow and grey. Over time, the natural colour of your teeth changes in appearance. It is good to note that brown and yellow teeth respond more to teeth whitening than grey does.

Teeth translucency and thinness is a genetic trait. As you age the translucency can become more visible. If your front teeth are transparent, have less pigment and are thinner teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi is an effective dental solution to achieve a set of brighter and whiter teeth.

If you are a regular drinker of tea, coffee, red wine, oranges and cola along with food that provokes teeth discoloration the enamel in your teeth will erode and turn yellow. Moreover, vinegar, citrus food and other acidic food will result in enamel erosion which once again leads to teeth discoloration. Nicotine is also known to leave stains that damage the structure of your teeth.

There are known cases of drugs that may cause teeth discoloration. For instance, prolonged use of antibiotics, tetracycline and fluoride can cause brown and grey stains or white spots on your teeth. Teeth grinding is another cause of enamel erosion and physical trauma can result in cracked teeth, large debris and stains.

Teeth whitening in Dubai will provide a cleaner feel and look to your gums and teeth. It is essential that you avoid food and drinks that may cause your teeth to stain or get discoloured quickly. Here’s a tip on how to consume your favorite drink but keep it from getting stained. Use a straw and floss and brush after consuming wine and other sugary foods.

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