The All-On-Four Procedure

August 30, 2016 - By Bruce Michaelson
The All-On-Four Procedure

This procedure is aimed at facilitating those patients who have lost their teeth and are either currently seeking the assistance of dentures, or have not sought any form of restorative treatment and are simply coping with their missing teeth.

What is the All-On-Four Procedure?

This is a prosthodontic form of treatment in which teeth of the upper or lower jaw of the patient are restored. In this procedure 4 dental implants are inserted into the jaw to support the prosthesis tooth.
The implants provide great support to the replacement tooth and prevent it from shifting from its place over time. This All-on-four treatment option is recommended to those patients who have suffered from significant tooth loss as a result of dental decay or a dental disease.

The Advantages

Being a more modern take on cosmetic treatment, the all-on-four treatment procedure provides patients a host of advantages:

Freedom from Dentures

This dental restoration procedure gives patients the incredible opportunity to finally wave their dentures goodbye. This means you no longer have to worry about

    • Placing the dentures in and out of your mouth
    • What you eat and do not eat with them on
    • Keeping them clean
    • Stammering or developing a lisp in public due to the movement of the dentures

The placement of dental implants through this procedure will once and for all eliminate these worries. Your teeth will appear completely natural and will provide you the same comfort that your original teeth did.

The Procedure is Painless

Before the procedure begins, patients are sedated so they feel no pain at all. The procedure in itself is also minimally invasive so patients only experience mild discomfort; nothing that can’t be controlled by painkillers.

The Results are Very Natural Looking

Before seeking treatment patients should very well understand that they are investing in a restorative treatment that will provide them completely natural looking results. Your teeth and your smile will be enhanced, but not in an artificial and awkward manner, but rather in a way that it will compliment your face and restore the appearance of your natural teeth; making you feel more comfortable with yourself.

The Implants are Comfortable

Patient who wear dentures often complain that the dentures rest on their gums and cause irritation and pain in them. Some even complain that dentures have caused their gums to become swollen or inflamed over time.
It can be difficult to find the right type of dentures that are suited for your mouth. But thankfully dental implants in Dubai pose no such problems. They do not rest on the gums so do not cause irritation in them. In fact this procedure is known to promote better jaw bone health in individuals and stops the degeneration of the bone.

High Success Rates

The all-on-four procedure has proven to be greatly successful for treating patients with missing teeth and has an incredibly high success rate over the past 10 years. To get greater assurance consult your dentist about the all-on-four procedure in accordance to your dental condition.

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