Tooth decay and your diet

March 7, 2016 - By Bruce Michaelson
Tooth decay and your diet

Dentists usually do not go even a day without a patient. Usually the dental offices have back to back appointments booked specially in the weekends. Of the many patients who visit a dentist, most of the patients’ complain about tooth decay/cavities. Many of the best dentists Dubai having handled hundreds and thousands of different cases say that many of these dental cavities can actually be prevented quite easily.

Many times dental patients ignore signs of decay till it is too late. Leading to the loss of their natural tooth and requiring various dental procedures known as orthodontics Dubai. While various dental procedures do provide some kind of hope to patients who have lost their teeth, e.g. dental implants Dubai, dentist says that with a little awareness patients will be able to take more control for themselves.

I’m sure we all love our food; some have a sweet tooth while others have a taste for sour food. But do you know how your favorite food fares against dental cavities?
Be aware especially if you consume a lot of starch. Specially starch in bread, potatoes or rice. When these are consumed it releases simple sugars, glucose and similar substance. These are a feast for oral bacteria which leads to the production of acid. This is the main enemy for the enamel of the teeth. With time it leads to a higher risk of decays. On the contrary starch which is less refined for example whole grains are actually shown to have properties that is able to protect teeth.

If you eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables good for you! Although you may feel like there is sugar in fruit if consumed fresh it has no history of causing cavities. In fact eating fresh fruits has shown to be able to reduce the risk of cavities. On the other hand dried good can actually increase the risk of dental cavities.
Vegetables generally require more chewing as it is high in fiber. With chewing the production of saliva increases. This saliva then works full time towards fighting against the acid by neutralizing it.

Foods and beverages which are acidic may be your best friend – but they are your teeth’s worse enemy. It leads to the eroding of teeth as the enamel of the teeth tends to soften after continuous exposure to the acidity in the food.

Calcium is your teeth’s best friend, and calcium can be found in many food items which are good for snacking as well. Cheese, Milk and even ice cream are very high in calcium and can work towards strengthening and protecting the teeth from harmful bacteria.

But remember your diet alone cannot save your teeth from decay. Even these foods that are friendly for the teeth could lead to decay unless proper care is taken to brush and floss afterwards. Or these teeth healthy food can also be harmful to the teeth if left to rot between your teeth and gums. Talk to your dentist today to learn more on the best food to intake that will benefit your oral health.

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