Top 5 Benefits Of Dental Veneers

December 11, 2017 - By Bruce Michaelson
Top 5 Benefits Of Dental Veneers

Dental veneers have changed the way we view dentistry. It is one of the most effective dental solutions for people with cracked, chipped, worn out or discolured teeth. Thin porcelain pieces are used to fit over your teeth. They look completely natural without appearing bulky. Dental veneers in Dubai are used for both aesthetic and functional purposes such as those with biting and chewing issues. A permanent bonding material is used to fix them and with good oral hygiene practice and proper care at home, they will last indefinitely.

Dental veneers in Abu Dhabi will give you a natural and more attractive smile

Dental veneers do not look oversized. If you are looking for a more permanent solution to repair dental irregularities, veneers remains the most popular and effective solution. You may be feeling self conscious about your smile due to unattractive teeth as a result of crookedness or stains. Veneers will rectify all these teeth issues and give you a smile you will feel proud to show off in public.

Veneers can be customized

When you first visit your dentist for a consultation you can discuss what it is you want to change about your smile. You can change many things about it including size, shape and brightness. Initially, your dentist will recommend that you wear temporary veneers. This is to get a feel about it like a trial smile. Temporary veneers will give you an idea on what your real smile will look like.

Continue to look younger

As you get older your natural teeth will start to appear discoloured or even move apart. Dental veneers in Dubai will help you maintain your youthfulness and make you look younger than before.

Confidence booster

Several studies have reported a beautiful smile is a huge confidence booster. A smile is something that people immediately notice about you. With a beautiful smile in place you can laugh out loud and talk freely. You don’t have to hide your smile in embarrassment. Many times you would find yourself feeling anxious about your appearance and not have the confidence to pursue job opportunities and romantic relationships or even say hi and smile at people around you. Dental veneers in Dubai will change all that. You will become a different person with a new found confidence.

Problems with tetracycline

Did you know that some people have problems with tetracycline? It is caused by medicine before the side effects of antibiotics were known to doctors resulting in the enamel becoming discoloured. This kind of teeth staining is impossible to correct unless the grayness is covered with veneers which look natural and white.

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