Treating TMJ: How Dental Corrections Can Alleviate TMJ Conditions

May 15, 2021 - By Bruce Michaelson
Treating TMJ: How Dental Corrections Can Alleviate TMJ Conditions

TMJ/TMD occurs when your temporomandibular joint faces a misalignment with your lower jaw (mandible) and the upper jaw near the temporal bone. This causes an unbalanced or misalignment, which exerts undue pressure in the temporomandibular joint causing chronic jaw pain. TMJ doesn’t just affect your jaw or mouth, it can also leave you suffering from headaches, nausea, poor body posture, decreased strength and flexibility, muscle soreness or tenderness, dizziness, and even compromised breathing airways. 

TMJ is a disorder that more or less affects your entire body and functioning. While many opt for pain medications, muscle relaxants, exercises, therapies, stress management techniques, or lifestyle changes to treat TMJ, they are all a temporary solution and will not treat the underlying cause. As a solution to these, here are how some dental corrections can alleviate your TMJ conditions more permanently.  


Braces can be one of the most effective dental corrections to alleviate the conditions of TMJ. This is because issues with your bite or a bad bite are common causes of TMJ. So if that’s the case with your condition, adjusting your bite quickly with a dental correction that uses braces can surely alleviate your TMJ conditions. 

Braces will realign your bite by adjusting the position of the teeth. It doesn’t focus on aligning your teeth next to one another but across both the jaws. And when your jaw is met and aligned correctly relative to each tooth and across both of your jaws, your jaws will no longer be under any strain or undue pressure. This thereby alleviates your TMJ conditions while reducing any ongoing TMJ symptoms. 


Dental corrections using mouth guards, also known as a splint or occlusal appliance, is also an effective way to alleviate your TMJ conditions. A mouth guard, usually made out of rigid acrylic material, fits over your teeth, helping you hold your jaws in the right position. When your jaw is held in the right position, it helps in alleviating your TMJ conditions through the following,

  • Keep you away from clenching and grinding your teeth 
  • Supports a balanced bite because your jaw is held in the right position
  • Allows your jaw and facial muscles to relax, which in turn reduces muscle stress and related pains
  • Prevents jaw locking 
  • Eases the pressure on the temporal-mandibular joint. This will allow your jaw joints to slide back into the right place, thereby alleviating the uneasiness and other effects of the disorder on these joints

Mouthguards don’t go by one-size-fits-all. Since each bite, jaw size, and other mouth features are unique, they need to be professionally fitted by a dentist into your mouth for appropriate results. 

Dental implants

Missing teeth can easily cause misalignments in your jaw, leading to a bad bite or uneven biting surface containing stress to your jaw points. These are some of the leading causes of TMJ, and so TMJ is believed to affect people who have missing teeth or other teeth misalignments. 

If that’s the case with your TMJ condition, then a dental correction using dental implants can be the best option to alleviate your TMJ conditions. A dental implant is a replacement of a tooth that makes it look and act like a normal tooth. Dental implants don’t affect the integrity of the jaw or your facial structure. With the popularity of dental implants, you can easily get one of these treatments done in any dental clinic.

A dental implant can restore your teeth and jaw alignment creating a balanced and even biting surface avoiding problems such as a compromised or bad bite. When your jaw and teeth are evened out, the undue pressure in your jaw joints is relaxed, alleviating your TMJ conditions and any other symptoms that go along with it. 

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