Unhappy With Your Dentist? 3 Signs That Confirm a Change

May 15, 2017 - By Bruce Michaelson
Unhappy With Your Dentist? 3 Signs That Confirm a Change

Nobody likes to keep returning to a salon that keeps doing a bad job. You probably wouldn’t want to go back to the place that ruined the look you’d be dreaming of for months. You also probably wouldn’t go back to the tailor that got the size and fit wrong. You’d do the sensible thing and go on a hunt until you find people who fit your requirements and do work to prove their competency.


Why then, won’t we do the same with our dentists? In most cases, even though the dentist might not be stellar, people are okay to just deal with it purely because they simply can’t be bothered to look for someone better. Seeing as how hair grows back but enamel doesn’t, we’ve clearly mixed up our priorities. If you’re uncertain about the situation, perhaps these warning signs should help alert you to an impending change in that you need to look for a new dentist in Dubai. Pronto!


  1. TECHNOLOGY: You might argue that this isn’t really important because after all, they had dentistry even in medieval times and people had to manage without technology for some time. Well, true enough. However, the truth of the matter is that like it or not, technology is infused with our lives and there is no escaping it. There’s also no denying that the advancements that have been made have been extremely useful particularly in the field of medicine. Which is why, if your dentist’s office still has primordial technology (or none at all), and it looks like they’re not making a change anytime soon, you need to start browsing through dentists in Dubai.


  1. UPSELLING: This can be tricky. Whilst this is a field where you are serving people, at the same time it’s also a business. And so, based on that your dentist would obviously need to make money which is fine. Just as long as it is through ethical means such as offering a good service and therefore charging for it. If it’s especially good, then they do deserve to charge a bit more than the rest. If on the other hand it appears as though with every visit you’re being sold something new under the pretext of helping you, then leap out of that chair and never return. It happens more often than you think, and if you don’t know what you’re watching out for it can be easy to fall into the trap. Caps and crowns are some of the most commonly promoted items, not so much dental implants in Dubai.


  1. LISTENING: It might seem as though this has nothing to do with this topic, but in fact it has everything to do with it. A doctor or dentist who doesn’t listen is just no good. It doesn’t matter how many certifications they’ve got backing them up or how many achievement they’ve got to brag about, if they don’t listen to their patients, there’s a problem. You see, in order to correctly diagnose you and find out what your issues are including any insecurities regarding a procedure, they need to let you talk. They’ll get their time to talk and do their job but before that you need to be given centre-stage. If for example you want to improve your teeth, you should be allowed to talk about veneers in Dubai and what you know about the subject to help clear any doubts.


Making the right decisions for the sake of your health is one of the best things you’d ever do. If you notice any of these or anything else, move on.

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