Veneer Placement: Post Treatment Instructions and Self-Care Tips

August 1, 2021 - By Bruce Michaelson

With the rapid development of dental cosmetology, people can smile with confidence. Though your smile is comfortable, you might not feel very comfortable with your bite after the veneer placement. It is expected because your mouth takes time to adapt to a new situation. Therefore, try the following post-treatment instructions and self-care tips to maximize the veneer placement.

Use Suitable Toothpaste.

After placing a veneer, using toothpaste is not an issue. But the use of toothpaste with abrasive ingredients such as baking soda can damage both real teeth and the veneer. Whitening toothpaste also remains behind as the ideal toothpaste for veneers. Hydrogen peroxide in whitening toothpaste softens the veneer material and reduces durability. The most recommended toothpaste for veneers is any toothpaste that has no whitening or abrasive properties.

Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day.

Brushing is not only for the protection of your new veneers but also for protecting your entire mouth. While brushing your teeth, carefully observe the current condition of the veneer. In particular, the gumline of the relevant jaw. In some cases, bacteria at your gum line can harm the veneer. If you observe any color shading or swelling around the veneer, it is best to consult our dentist in the American Dental Clinic.

Do Not Chew Hard Foods

Though the veneer is durable and natural-looking, it is not as strong as your natural teeth. Once the veneer has been cemented permanently, it is advisable to avoid any nuts,  hard foods or candies for the first 24 hours until the cement has been completely set. People normally use their teeth to open tight bottles, but it could also damage your natural teeth. So, such acts could harm your veneer as well.

Reduce The Consumption Of Staining Agents.

Drinking beverages like coffee, alcohol, and wine will cause color changes in the veneer. The veneer covers only the front portion of your teeth therefore, it can still cause stains on your natural teeth. Reducing the consumption of such things is a better idea for protecting both your teeth and veneer. 

Avoid sticky foods. 

If you have placed a temporary veneer, it is better to avoid sticky food. If the glue used for the binding purpose is new, chewing and eating sticky food may cause the veneer to pull out. After the bounding agents are completely dried, you can shift to your daily diet as you prefer.

Visit A Dentist

The above tips will help you to maintain the condition of your veneer. But it is better to visit your dentist and get professional attention for the veneer. Though you have taken enough care of the veneer, there might be hidden stains that haven’t been removed. Therefore, the dentist will critically evaluate the condition of the veneer and recommend the relevant adjustments and scaling. 


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