How Are Veneers The Solution To My Chipped Teeth?

October 3, 2017 - By Bruce Michaelson
How Are Veneers The Solution To My Chipped Teeth?


All of us, at some point are faced with a situation in which we need our teeth to be either completely replaced or partially patched up if the tooth is still in good condition from the root itself. So how do we identify what needs to be done if we have a chipped or broken tooth which doesn’t need a huge procedure such as implants to replace it, but can be remedied with a smaller process? Is there a solution for this issue here in Dubai?

The wait is over.

Veneers in Dubai have never been more popular and one of the highest obtained dental treatments! It’s a quick procedure, which could even be completed in one day and is cost effective with no side effects to worry about post-procedure!

What exactly are they?

Veneers are porcelain chips or shells which are made to suit the color of your teeth so that they would look flawless and camouflage without the rest of the teeth without the fact that you have casing over your teeth being visible to the naked eye. If you opt to go for the regular process, our team of experts will first access the situation of your teeth and it will take you a couple of more visits so that we can perfect the shells before placing them over your teeth.

How does the process work?

How the procedure takes place is a rather simple process to explain. While our dentist will first scrape off the part of your tooth’s enamel so that the shell could be placed without it standing out, this process is completely painless. There is no particular post care treatment you have to engage in, but following the general dental hygiene standards are important to make sure that your teeth are kept free of any future complications.

For how long can we rely on them?

The good news is that this procedure is permanent. They don’t have to be replaced and they don’t decay as they are not made of the natural properties that teeth are formed by. If you do undergo any bleaching treatment or any other dental procedures, our professionals are competent and well experienced to advice you in a way that this cosmetic treatment doesn’t stand in the way of any other treatments.  This is now the fastest way to repair any gaps or even reshape the teeth to align your teeth if you feel like using clear aligners takes too much time and its success rates simply are amazing!


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