Do You Want A Celebrity Smile?

February 16, 2018 - By Bruce Michaelson
Do You Want A Celebrity Smile?

Few people have a naturally flawless smile they are born with. The same applies to celebrities. They do not wake up looking as good as they seem to appear on T.V. If you’ve wondered how celebrities walk around with gorgeous smiles, you can be assured they have a cosmetic dentist in their corner seeing to every dental flaw and irregularity. If you take Cheryl Cole, for instance, go back and look at her when she was a young singer on Popstars in the early 2000s and you would see how her teeth have had a fantastic smile makeover since! Those megawatt smiles gracing the red carpet are not just down to good oral hygiene.

Cosmetic dentistry in the past was exclusively used by the rich and famous, it is no longer the case. Dental technology has advanced, techniques and materials are more available and mainstream dental clinics are being driven by modern-day aesthetic treatments. Some of the secrets of those coveted Hollywood smiles are down to this.

Dental Veneers

If you’ve ever watched Pretty Woman and was captivated by Julia Robert’s smile then you should know that it her trademark. It is hard to say if Julia had any dental work done, maybe she was blessed genetically with a beautiful smile, however many A-listers have improved their appearance with dental veneers. Dental veneers is a non-surgical procedure that covers dental flaws using tooth-like shells with exact colours and shades to mimic real teeth.

Cosmetic Treatment

Tom Cruise has an iconic smile and it transforms his face. Even at the age of 55, his smile is unmistakable. He has graced some memorable scenes from unforgettable movies like Top Gun and Mission Impossible. Not many people know that Tom’s megawatt smile is owned to orthodontic braces. If you look at pictures of Cruise before he became one of the most bankable stars Tom has severely misaligned teeth. It is speculated that an overhaul was made on Tom’s smile and it has payed him well.

Teeth Whitening
The same can be said about Zac Effron. He had gaps in his front teeth prior to reconstruction procedures. Zac used invisible braces to cover gaps and teeth whitening treatment to enhance his endearing smile. Cruise too is a regular user of teeth whitening procedures. If you’ve noticed his teeth are always gleaming and there is a permanent sparkle in them.

While celebrities are in the public eye and need to have a perfect smile, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have the same. With numerous dental treatments and procedures available at high quality dental clinics, if you want to have a smile makeover, then cosmetic dentistry in Dubai will give it to you!

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