What A Dental Hygienist Can Do For Your Oral Health

July 16, 2020 - By Bruce Michaelson
What A Dental Hygienist Can Do For Your Oral Health

Part of keeping a healthy body is by maintaining the highest standards of oral hygiene. Every day, we eat different kinds of food- some are good for our teeth, while others, if not consumed in moderation, can harm our oral health. Add to this is the possible food debris that can remain trapped in between the teeth after eating. 

While there are plenty of ways to keep our oral hygiene abreast, visiting the dentist regularly will help us in maintaining a good and healthy set of teeth.  And just when you think you know everything about keeping your teeth clean, a dental hygienist can provide you with better ways of maintaining a sparkly smile. But who are dental hygienists? And what can they do to keep our oral health in top condition? Let’s find out. 

What Do Dental Hygienists Do?

Dental hygienists belong to a group of allied health professionals that are concerned with the prevention, evaluation, and the identification of diseases, providing assistance in lifestyle services such as nutrition; and support in the management of healthcare systems. 

A dental hygienist, as the name implies, supports the dentist in providing preventive care against oral diseases by means of proper oral hygiene. Dental hygienists clean the teeth and help dentists identify problematic areas such as signs of decay, deterioration, and damage. 

Apart from these, dental hygienists educate patients, especially children with the best and most effective oral hygiene practices for oral disease prevention.

Key Persons For Preventive Oral Health

More than just assisting dentists in promoting oral health, dental hygienists are also trained in providing administrative research, educational services, and clinical and therapeutic services. The role of a dental hygienist is crucial to the overall health of a patient.

By promoting even the most basic dental care, oral hygienists are able to lower the risks of contracting oral problems. Dental hygienists work to identify the root cause of a dental problem, i.e cavity formation and tooth decay, prevent the oral problem, and put an end to it if it has already started. 

Reduce The Risk Of Other Diseases Besides Oral Health Problems

Several other diseases can be linked to poor oral health. These include chronic inflammation, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, hypertension, and certain cancers, to name a few. Taking care of one’s oral health is a simple and effective way of preventing such diseases and dental hygienists step in to help reduce these risks. 

Dental Hygienists Can Make A Big Difference In A Patient’s Lifestyle

By virtue of promoting oral health and educating people of proper oral hygiene, dental hygienists help make a difference in a patient’s lifestyle. Individuals can make better and informed choices with the food they consume and the lifestyle they lead, especially for frequent smokers.

Work With A Trusted Dental Hygienist

To receive the best oral health care, working with a dental hygienist is essential. A rule of thumb is setting an appointment every 6 months. Work with your trusted hygienist to receive a comprehensive dental health diagnosis, as well as routine prophylaxis (scaling and polishing).


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