What Do Dental Fillings Add To Your Overall Oral Health?

February 25, 2021 - By Bruce Michaelson

Oral diseases can affect you throughout your life, causing pain and discomfort and can lead to severe problems if left untreated. The World Health Organization states that oral diseases affect nearly 3.5 billion people worldwide. Most of these problems start from dental caries and extend to periodontal diseases and other complications. It is essential to maintain good oral health to maintain your overall health and well-being. Apart from practicing daily hygiene routines, it is also important to address the existing dental issues as oral health is a lifelong commitment. When considering dental treatments, dental fillings come in the front line of dentistry as dental caries are considered one of the most common dental problems affecting people. Dental fillings are performed to restore cavities, worn and damaged teeth, and this article will further discuss what dental fillings add to your overall oral health.

About Dental Fillings

Dentists in Dubai recommend dental fillings to treat damaged or decayed tooth conditions. Here, a filling material is used for the tooth, and it will be shaped and polished to blend with the surrounding teeth. A dental filling helps to eliminate cavities and also preserve the structure and appearance of your tooth. Following a filling, you will be able to chew comfortably, and your teeth will be back to their natural shape, improving your smile and external appearance.

Significance Of Fillings

It is essential to be aware of the consequences of not addressing teeth problems as it can worsen the situation and even go for a tooth loss condition. When a tooth gets infected from harmful bacteria and starts to decay, it can continue to penetrate through the enamel and reach the innermost part of your tooth, containing dentin, pulp, blood vessels, and nerves, which keeps the tooth alive and healthy.

When a cavity extends to this extreme, you can even lose your tooth, which will negatively affect your oral health, teeth functions, and external appearance. Addressing the issue during the initial stage by going through a dental filling will help you save the natural teeth without losing them.

Steps Of A Dental Filling

A dental filling process is quite simple and may take 1-2 visits to a dental clinic in Dubai. Your dentist will use local anesthesia to keep you comfortable throughout the process. A drill and dental instruments will be used to remove decay inside your tooth.

The tooth is cleaned and dried and is filled with a filling material, which can be composite resin, porcelain, and even gold or silver as per your choice. You can discuss with your dentist the most suitable option. However, most people prefer to use composite resin or porcelain to match your natural teeth’ color without getting noticed.

Benefits To Your Oral health

Treating existing tooth problems itself is a benefit to oral health. However, dental fillings have numerous benefits to your oral health, and below are some of them.

  • Restore and improves the structure of your tooth
  • Strengthens fractured teeth
  • Improve the color of your teeth
  • Improved tooth functionality

A dental filling can bring back your tooth structure and enable efficient and effective dental hygiene practices. The restoration will benefit you to clean your teeth thoroughly and appropriately, reaching all the surfaces. This will help to keep your teeth clean and free of harmful bacteria improving your oral health. Dental fillings can also inhibit the spread of the infection and avoid conditions like bad breath and periodontal diseases.

Addressing teeth issues on time will help you to eliminate complicated and costly dental procedures that cause pain and discomfort for extended periods. Regular visits to the dental clinic will help diagnose problems early and maintain a lifelong healthy set of teeth. At the American Dental Clinic, you can get the best consultation on your oral hygiene and correct all dental malocclusions from dentistry professionals. Contact us now and get reserved for your next dental visit to save your smile forever.

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