Why is a regular visit to the dentist important for young children?

April 18, 2017 - By Bruce Michaelson
Why is a regular visit to the dentist important for young children?

You would have seen many kids in the Montessori having teeth that has decayed and discoloured. Caring for the first set of teeth in our life is essential. Parents may feel that as the first set of teeth will gradually fall out it is not necessary to take a very good care of them. But they are far from wrong.

Letting the kids sleep with a bottle and not cleaning the teeth well both in the morning and night can lead to the damaged teeth. Preventive care for the milk teeth is emphasised by many dentist as a vital step from an early stage.

The American Dental Clinic in Dubai is one of the foremost dental clinics in Dubai catering to the oral health of the young children. Board certified children dentists make a strong team within the clinic to promote good oral health in families.

Gone are the days when we only approached a dentist if we had a dental issue. Dentistry is now focused on various preventive procedures. Many children who have never been to an dental office is encouraged to be brought in immediately for early detection and any treatment of dental diseases to be done. Dental Teams in Dubai work with dedication and also concentrate on keeping up-to-date with the latest advances in children’s oral health care. They place importance on a pleasant environment to help build trust and confidence in the children. The team working in the children’s oral health section are encouraged to help the children feel good and guide them on caring for their teeth.

Through many new advances the dental teams are able to perform painless dental treatments for the young patients. By early prevention procedures you can be assured that your children will not get frequent dental issues, which in the long run will save both time and money. It is vital that your children visit the dentist regularly to prevent and manage the spread of rampant caries. These decays caused mainly by feedings at night and sleeping with the milk bottle can spread fast and destroy the crowns of the teeth – leading to brown or black coloured teeth. With regular visits parents will be guided on preventive measures and care for the milk teeth.

Sealants are also made available for healthy premolar and molar teeth which will help to prevent dental caries. It is a painless procedure which will lead to a life of comfort for the patient.

Fluoride therapies are also suggested by dentists in Dubai which helps make the teeth more resistant to dental plaques and also makes the enamel hard. It can also help with remineralisation of any little enamel losses.

It is recommended to take your children for a check-up every 6 months. They need to start seeing a dentist by the age of 2 – 3 once all the baby teeth have come. The 3 main reasons to take young children for regular dental check-ups is to help the dentist find and fix problems early, for parents to find out that is they are taking proper steps at home for dental care in Dubai, and also for the children to learn the importance of going to the dentist and that it helps prevent problems.

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