Why Root Canals Aren’t Something To Be Scared Of

March 14, 2022 - By Bruce Michaelson
Why Root Canals Aren’t Something To Be Scared Of

Dentists believe that many patients assume dental procedures to be painful at the onset when in truth they aren’t. Especially getting a root canal treatment has a false reputation to be invasive and scary as it requires dealing with infected nerves at the root of a tooth. 

These fears rarely go away and as a result, delaying to undergo the procedure can result in severe conditions such as bacterial infection, cracked tooth, a deep cavity, or issues from previous fillings for which a root canal treatment is necessary. If you’re a person who experiences similar dental anxiety, here are 7 reasons why root canal treatments are not something to be scared of. 

It Is Painless 

Modern medicine has come a long way and if there is one amazing thing we can benefit from, it has to be painless dental procedures. The root canal treatment is done after applying a local anaesthetic, which will numb your tooth and make the entire treatment painless and less invasive.  

Minimal Discomfort And Quick Recovery 

When the procedure is over your dentist will give you painkillers to deal with common discomforts that may arise once the numbing effect wears off.  An antibiotic may also be prescribed to reduce the risk of infection. These medicines allow quick recovery and will let you resume a normal routine with little to no restrictions and risk of complications. 

Saves Your Tooth 

A root canal in Dubai restores and preserves an infected tooth. Rather than extracting your tooth and opting for other painful procedures like implants or a fickle denture, this treatment allows you to keep your original tooth. This is because the treatment cleans out the infected pulp and reinforces the tooth with a filling that restores the natural appearance and function of the tooth and has a success rate of 85%. 

Can Be Done In A Single Appointment 

Some people are scared of dental treatments simply because of the tedious time it takes to complete them. Worse is the thought of multiple visits and repeat procedures. Thankfully root canal treatments can be performed in a few hours and in one single appointment. The time taken often depends on the dental clinic, and its standards. Surprisingly some reputed dental clinics like the American Dental in Dubai can complete this procedure in a single visit and in less than an hour. 

Simple Procedure

Many assume root canal treatments are complex as it involves an infected tooth. The truth is that it is very straightforward, which is also why it can be completed in less than an hour and in a single appointment for simple cases. Once your mouth is numbed your dentists will access the infected pulp at the core through a small opening in your tooth (you won’t be feeling any of these). 

They will then use a suction tool to drain bacteria-filled oral fluids and remove the infected pulp. Finally, the tooth is cleaned and the infected pulp will be replaced with ‘gutta-percha’ as a preparation for a permanent crown or filling, which strengthens the tooth and prevents further infection. 

Prevent Other Health Complications

Tooth infections can spread to other parts of the mouth. In worse cases, it can enter the gum and the bloodstream, causing a host of problems. In some other cases, the infection can lead to a serious condition called sepsis, which can be detrimental to your health and can be much more serious and painful to deal with. The only way to prevent these from occurring is to get a root canal in Abu Dhabi done at your earliest.

Relieves Pain

Root canal treatments don’t cause or aggravate pain if that’s what you’re scared of. Instead, they actually help in alleviating intense tooth pain and do not contribute to it. You will only experience minimal discomfort which is likely with any dental procedures and once you have recovered in a few days, the tooth pain will be gone completely. 

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