Are Aesthetic Inlays Worth The Commitment?

March 7, 2022 - By Bruce Michaelson
Are Aesthetic Inlays Worth The Commitment?

Dental aesthetic inlays are pre-moulded filling that is fitted into the grooves of your tooth, mainly for the purpose of restoring cavities (also known as dental caries). Inlays are centered in your tooth instead of the outer edges of “cusps”. 

Performing this procedure is a relatively painless and straightforward process. First, your dentist will numb the damaged tooth with a local anesthetic to clean out the decay. Then an impression of your tooth is taken and sent to the lab. The impression is used as a sample to make your dental inlays, using porcelain or composite resin that matches the colour of your tooth and then it is fitted in another appointment. 

As the aesthetic aspect of dental care is becoming extremely important for people, inlays have become a very popular indirect restoration procedure.  If you’re still thinking if aesthetic inlays are worth the commitment, here are some insights from a professional dentist specialized in inlays. 

Extends the Life of Your Teeth

Aesthetic inlays as a form of restorative dentistry is an excellent solution for patients who are looking for options to extend the lifespans of their teeth. As inlays are made out of highly durable materials, they are designed to last for a long time and can resist traditional teeth damaging and degradation factors. 

Moreover, since they are very unlikely to need replacement when given proper care, they surpass other options such as crowns and fillings. Just make sure that you’re getting the procedure done from a reliable and professional dental clinic that assures a high level of quality. 

Promotes Dental Health

The safety factor of aesthetic inlays is definitely worth the commitment to this procedure. Because inlays are firmly cemented to the portion of the teeth that needs repair, bacteria and other infections have no chance of entering the cervices in the gum or the teeth. 

The inlays almost perform like a seal that keeps away any foreign elements that can threaten the integrity of your teeth. All in all, this also prevents you from experiencing any further exposure to dental infections or diseases. 

Strengthens The Smile 

The go-to metal fillings that many opt for can reduce a standard tooth’s strength by 50%. Weak teeth can lead to further damages or even create suitable conditions for infections. On the other hand, Aesthetic inlays are believed to strengthen the teeth by at least 75% stronger post-procedure. 

Besides this, fillings also have the tendency to expand or contract over time. This can lead to lost fillings that need replacement and expanded fillings that can cause pain affecting a healthy smile. 

Since aesthetic inlays are made using materials that don’t have the risk for expansion or contracting, there is less tendency for them to fall off or cause further dental damages. If not for merely aesthetic reasons, the reliability of a healthy and strengthened teeth through this procedure is surely worth the commitment. 

All that’s required on your part to make sure aesthetic inlays keep to your expectations and value is to make sure to pick the right dentist, and the rest naturally falls into place. 

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