Here’s Why Putting Off Root Canal Can Be Dangerous

May 7, 2022 - By Bruce Michaelson
Here’s Why Putting Off Root Canal Can Be Dangerous

Root canal therapy basically involves restoring the function, and appearance of a decayed or infected tooth. Many people put off this procedure due to the fear of possible discomfort or about how long it’ll take to recover. The good news is that a root canal treatment is actually quite straightforward and far more comfortable and painless with a very short recovery period, thanks to modern advancements in dental technology. 

If you’re someone who is tempted to put off root canal treatment, here is why it can be dangerous.  

Your Tooth Won’t Heal By  Itself

One of the common reasons why many put off getting a root canal treatment is because of the assumption that the tooth will heal by itself. Unfortunately, unlike many other parts of our body, teeth are not capable of healing themselves when they are damaged. Teeth need professional care by a dentist even for a cracked or chipped tooth. If not, the tissue inside the teeth will get infected in some way. 

If you feel your pain is alleviated by taking antibiotics, know that it’s only a temporary solution, as they won’t eradicate the infection completely. The longer it takes, the harder it’ll be to perform the treatment and can even lower the overall success rate of the procedure. 

Your Teeth Could Need Removal

If your tooth becomes so damaged because proper treatment was not given when it was duly needed, the chances are that it cannot be salvaged through a root canal in Dubai. Instead, the tooth will be removed entirely and will have to be replaced with either a bridge or dental implant. 

Remember that root canal therapy is intended to be a treatment that prevents having to extract teeth, which can result if the infection spreads to nearby teeth and other areas – such as the brain. 

So even if you think you’re saving money by putting off the root canal in Abu Dhabi, you may end up paying more down the line when you have to remove and replace your teeth. 

Can Spread Oral Infection 

An oral infection has a high chance of spreading to other parts of the mouth if it is not addressed in a timely manner. In severe cases, this can lead to an abscess with serious complications. A delta abscess causes excruciating pain, notable in the jaw, neck, and head. 

With a root canal treatment, tooth infections in the root are treated by removing the diseased pulp in the pulp chamber. This involves the process of disinfecting the tooth and filling it with a healthy substitute known as gutta-percha. 

Getting prompt root canal treatment from a professional dental clinic can treat the infection properly and keep the tooth and the rest of your mouth healthy. 

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