Top 5 Things to Know Before Choosing a Dental Clinic in Dubai for Implant

September 12, 2018 - By Bruce Michaelson
Top 5 Things to Know Before Choosing a Dental Clinic in Dubai for Implant

A badly carried out dental implant may not only ruin an individual’s smile, but it could also dent his or her personality.


When planning to get an implant, it is important that you carry out some research about the dental clinic in Dubai that you have chosen as well as ask questions to ascertain their expertise and how they handle other sensitive aspects of the procedure.


To help you out, here are some of the most important questions to ask before making your decision.


The Qualifications of Their Dentists

There is nothing wrong with asking this question and a good dental clinic in Dubai will be quite happy to boast about the qualifications and experience of their dentists. If they fail to give you a good answer or you suspect any irregularity in their answers, please move on. Your smile is too precious to toy with.


The Cost of the Treatment

A dental implant is relatively costly depending on the kind of implant and the clinic. A good clinic will charge a reasonable sum since the procedures are handled by professionals. However, expensive doesn’t always mean quality. To know how much you will be spending, it makes sense to ask the dentist or the dental clinic in Dubai for the cost involved including consultation fees as well as the cost of scans and other procedures involved. You can also ask if they offer flexible payment plans and the terms


The Duration of the treatment

The duration of the treatment depends on a number of factors including how urgent you want it to be done with. A good dental clinic in Dubai should be able to provide you with a detailed treatment schedule and how long the process would take.


The reputation of the Dental Clinic

UAE is widely known all over the world for cosmetic surgery. So there are a lot of dental clinics in Dubai; including the good and the not so good. It is good to run some background check to discover the reputation of the clinic. Check how many success implants they have done, their patient satisfaction rate, number of dental or health-related awards and recognition that they have received their areas of specialization. Not all dental clinics in Dubai have specialist implant dentists. It doesn’t matter if you are going for a single tooth replacement or major dental procedure, you will feel safer in the hands of a specialist.


Aftercare Instructions

Even if the procedure went smoothly, it is important to ask your dentist for aftercare instructions as the long-term sustenance of the implant depends on proper care and regular check-ups.


In fact, you take care of implants just the same way you take of your normal teeth – regular brushing and flossing, an ongoing check-up with your dentist, and not biting hard food. The dental clinic in Dubai that you choose will tell you the same thing as well as inform you of any special care you may need for your case.


If you have more questions, you can schedule an appointment or consultation with one of our professional dental implant specialists.

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