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The Implications of Poorly Maintaining Dental Implants – Post Treatment

Many people, especially those involved in sports like cycling and skateboarding (something on the rise in Dubai), have found new leases on their smiles after seeking dental implantation treatment, over the more traditional option of dentures, to replace their lost teeth.   What are Dental Implants?   Dental implants involve having screws placed into the jaw bone. Several months later, replacement porcelain teeth are attached to them. These dental implants are quite the advancement in dental surgery for they enable their recipients to lead normal lives. They are very sturdy and patients do not...

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Nov 07 2016

Why Dental Implants Are Not Just A Simple Cosmetic Procedure?

Dental implants are anchored to the jaw, making it seem like your natural teeth are in place. They are artificial but display a natural look that no one looking at you would ever guess you have got dental implants. There are countless benefits to getting dental implants, and it is not just limited to being a cosmetic procedure. Dental implants unlike dentures cannot be removed. Implants can be easily cleaned and maintained making them more hygienic than dentures. And you can easily brush and floss...

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Oct 27 2016

Looking To Have A Healthy And Beautiful Smile? Find Your Solution In Dental Implants

Do you have missing teeth? Are you embarrassed to go out in public, smile or laugh? May be you find yourself hiding away from people's gaze. This is no the solution to missing teeth. After all how long are you planning to hide? As much as missing teeth have an impact on your appearance it also has an adverse effect on your oral health. If you are looking to have a healthy smile, dental implants is the answer. Dental implants are a permanent solution. They are not removable and are directly...

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Oct 22 2016

Dental Implants Through Time

A glance through the pages of modern history suggests that recent developments and innovations in dental implants have been successful in their mission to replace teeth that have been lost. The modern dental implant made a first appearance around the 1970s but the origins of these sophisticated implants can be traced to its crude beginnings stretching as far back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians. Around 2500 BC, these Ancient Egyptians would attempt to stabilize teeth using gold ligature wire. Fast forward to 300 AD, the Phoenicians would use teeth...

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Oct 05 2016

The Should-Knows About Dental Implants

Imagine losing your teeth in an accident. Or breaking parts of your teeth due to sudden tense blows. Or, to make it more relatable, think for a minute about your own teeth. Better yet, have a look at your teeth in the mirror. You are sure to discover imperfections. If your teeth are rotated, or not perfectly positioned, you may need to wear braces to correct the formation of your teeth. Or if your teeth are too much to the front, protruding further out...

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Sep 27 2016

Bad Teeth And Solutions

When you go through your life sometimes you have to face situations where you have to bear a lot of pain. An earache, a headache that just will not go away, some kind of an injury that keeps aching are all incidents where you have to bear a lot of pain. A type of pain that is hard to bear is the pain that you have to face due to bad teeth. As a little child, though this pain is unbearable, you do not have to worry about the teeth since...

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Sep 20 2016

How Dental Implants Can Give You That Brilliant Smile You’ve Always Wanted

It is no secret people keep losing their teeth from time to time. When not taken care of properly or when afflicted with oral issues, there's a likely chance you may lose one or several teeth. Loss of teeth is certainly not something that makes a person look attractive. In fact, loss of teeth will draw attention to your appearance with people staring or looking at the oddity of it all. Walking around without teeth is not a look everyone can pull off. If...

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Sep 08 2016

A Dental Implant May Be The Solution You’ve Long Been Looking For

If you have lost part of the outer layer of one of your teeth, the easiest solution will be to get a tooth fill. If the condition is a little more severe, a tooth veneer attached to the remaining part of your teeth will do the trick. However, if you completely lose a tooth, or irreparably break a part of it, there is not much of an option, other than to get a dental implant. We, at the American Dental Clinic, Dubai, offer dental implants...

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top dental clinics in dubai
Aug 30 2016

The All-On-Four Procedure

This procedure is aimed at facilitating those patients who have lost their teeth and are either currently seeking the assistance of dentures, or have not sought any form of restorative treatment and are simply coping with their missing teeth. What is the All-On-Four Procedure? This is a prosthodontic form of treatment in which teeth of the upper or lower jaw of the patient are restored. In this procedure 4 dental implants are inserted into the jaw to support the prosthesis tooth. The implants provide great support...

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Aug 14 2016

Clear Aligners – The Better Solution

Some people will just never understand the dilemma of possessing crooked and misaligned teeth - They make it awkward to smile, to speak and even to laugh. Seek cosmetic help you say? Well that’s not too promising either, considering that the most effective way to have teeth realigned and corrected into their places is by wearing ugly braces for several months. Then what else can one do? The answer is clear aligners. They are the answer of the many prayers children and teenagers...

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