How to Choose the Right Shade for Teeth Whitening

January 19, 2020 - By Bruce Michaelson
How to Choose the Right Shade for Teeth Whitening

Almost everybody wants to get the best smile; thus, it is crucial to choose the right whitening shade. Having your teeth too white may give the impression of artificiality. If your teeth aren’t even white enough, you won’t notice any major difference or reap any benefits of whiter teeth. Selecting the right shade of white is greatly important since selecting a shade more suited to your skin tone and previous tone would give you the most natural look. With our best teeth whitening experts’ professional experience, they can guide and show you the best colour suited for you.  

If you are thinking about teeth whitening but have not decided on the shade to choose, continue reading this blog to learn how to select the right shade and different levels of teeth whitening.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Whitening kits for teeth are usually found in your local grocery stores. However, such kits are not always very effective. When used, you would also have very little control over the shade of white your teeth reach. Moreover, something may go wrong as some people may react badly to certain ingredients in the whitening solution.

Instead of taking such risks, why not whiten your teeth professionally at the best teeth-whitening clinic in Dubai? When having your teeth professionally whitened, you get to select your choice of a specific shade of white for your teeth. But are wondering, Is teeth whitening right for you? The answer is yes, as a professional teeth whitening experience also lessens the likelihood of a terrible reaction to the whitening solution. Moreover, there is an even greater chance of your teeth staying whiter for longer due to your dentist having access to excellent whitening products.

Having your teeth professionally whitened also entails noticeable results lasting much longer than whitening them at home. Note that it is still crucial to get touch-ups every once in a while. We offer one of the most professional and best teeth-whitening in Abu Dhabi, our services are backed up by our clients’ pretty smiles. 

Choosing the Right Teeth Whitening Shade

Finding the right teeth whitening shades would rely on several factors: eye colour, hair colour, skin tone, or even your personality. Fairer skin tones are recommended to take the whitest shades available, whilst those with dark skin tones do not need to push for the lightest shade due to the contrast created by the dark skin tone.

But first, it is important to ask ourselves what shade our teeth are in. Interestingly, teeth shades are not simply described as either white or not white. They can vary in a range of different colours. It should be said that no single standard system exists in the dental field for identifying tooth colour. An exact answer also doesn’t exist in how white your teeth can reach since each person’s circumstances are unique; however, a typical reference tool used is a teeth whitening shades guide.

A commonly used teeth shade guide categorizes tooth colour into four basic shade ranges:

A: Reddish-brown

B: Reddish-yellow

C: Gray

 D: Reddish-gray

Within each given range of teeth shades are degrees of darkness; consequently, the chart becomes detailed enough for almost anyone to discern their exact tooth colour from the guide. In utilizing such a guide, simply identify your current tooth colour to the corresponding colour found on the chart. This also offers a stepping stone to determine the degree of how white you would want your teeth to be.

If you’re having difficulty determining your current shade range and looking for teeth whitening in Dubai, contact us at the American Dental Clinic. Our best teeth whitening experts in Dubai will be able to advise you and lead you in selecting the most ideal shade for your teeth.

How white should my teeth be?

When it comes to whitening teeth, there is no one right way. Because of our varying interests, some people may want an instant and dramatic change in their teeth shades, whilst others would opt for a more subtle or gradual whitening, such as observing apparent results from the use of whitening toothpaste or gels. Drastic changes are often seen as artificial, especially during the initial days after the treatment, whilst a gradual or subtle change imitates the effects of teeth brushing. Anyone interested in teeth whitening should know that end results would lean on your natural tooth colour, the treatment you select, and how difficult your teeth stains are.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  1. A double or triple shade change can leave a very noticeable difference in anyone’s smile.

  2. Although teeth whitening may change your tooth colour to nine or more shades, most people who have had their teeth whitened see a change between two and seven shades.

  3. Different methods have different benefits and drawbacks. For instance, laser whitening and other in-office bleaching methods may result in more stunning end results but would cost significantly greater.      

Factors to Consider

In selecting a specific shade of white for your teeth, several factors must be considered. In detail, this may include:

    1. Visible Stains: 

Having stains on your teeth is definitely a factor to think about. Dark-coloured stains are typically difficult to remove and may stick out after teeth whitening.

    1. Crowns and fillings:

 It should be noted that crowns and fillings cannot be lightened. Having these white from the beginning is advised, but such may not match the new shade. You may consider choosing a shade of white that would blend with your crowns and fillings.

    1. Whites of your eyes: 

A general rule is to avoid selecting a shade that is whiter than the white part of your eyes. If you select a shade brighter than the whites of your eyes, your teeth may look somewhat unnaturally white. For some people, this may be completely fine if that is what they desire in the first place.

These factors are not always to be strictly followed but are a good start in guiding you to find the right shade of white for your teeth and understanding the levels of teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Levels and Shades

Considering teeth whitening levels and shades is essential in achieving the desired results. Teeth whitening levels can vary based on personal preferences, existing stains, and the effectiveness of the whitening treatment. It’s crucial to consult with a dental professional to determine the most suitable level of whitening for your teeth.

Maintaining teeth whiteness as long as possible

After selecting the shade of white of your choice for your teeth, you would want to maintain the whiteness of your teeth. The following are tips in maintaining the shade of white of your choice:

    1. Brush regularly: 

To maintain teeth whiteness, brush your teeth on a day-to-day basis. An electric toothbrush is recommended for removing stains better.

    1. Flossing teeth: 

Flossing can help remove the excess food debris that brushing alone cannot remove.

    1. Restrict from consuming foods or drinks that have the potential to stain teeth such as ketchup, marinara sauce, berries, coffee, etc.

    2. Consume more foods that strengthen and clean the teeth such as yogurt, milk, hard cheeses, carrots, celery, and apples.

    3. Use straws: When consuming drinks such as coffee or tea, which could potentially stain teeth, it is advised to utilize a straw to minimize discolouration.

In adhering to these tips, being in touch with your dentist appointments is also important for the best long-term results. Remember that choosing the right shade is still a subjective and personal process, so it is still up to you about the choice you make at the end of the day. 

Get whiter teeth today.

At the American Dental Clinic, we offer the best teeth whitening services done by our dentists, which can leave your teeth noticeably whiter and brighter. Contact our experts today to learn more about our teeth whitening services and what’s best for your teeth. 

FAQs: Levels of Teeth Whitening

What is the whitest shade of teeth?

The whitest shade of teeth can vary among individuals. A teeth whitening scale chart typically categorises shades into ranges such as A, B, C, and D, with varying degrees of darkness within each range. Consulting with a dental professional can help determine the whitest shade suitable for your teeth based on skin tone, eye colour, and personal preferences.

What are the levels of teeth whitening?

Levels of teeth whitening are often categorized using a shade guide that ranges from reddish-brown (A) to reddish-grey (D). Within each range are degrees of darkness. Professional teeth whitening allows individuals to choose the desired level of whitening for their teeth. Factors like existing stains, dental history, and personal aesthetic preferences play a role in determining the appropriate level of teeth whitening.

How white should my teeth be?

Determining how white your teeth are should depend on various factors, including personal preferences and individual characteristics like eye colour, hair colour, and skin tone. A dental professional can guide you through the process, considering these factors and using a teeth-whitening shade chart to help you choose a shade that provides a natural and appealing appearance.

How can I assess the shade of my teeth?

Assessing the shade of your teeth involves using a tooth shade guide, which typically categorizes tooth colour into different ranges and degrees of darkness. If you’re unsure about your teeth’ current shade, consult a teeth whitening expert. Professionals can assist in identifying your current tooth colour and recommend the most suitable teeth-whitening shade for your needs.

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