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orthodontist in Dubai
Jul 10 2018

4 Ways Clear Aligners Will Change Your Life

If you have an imperfect smile it is likely you feel self conscious about it but don't really know if there is anything you can do to make a difference. However, with advancements made in dentistry, it is never too late for orthodontic treatment in Dubai. Clear aligners are a discreet solution to straighten your teeth and shift them into the correct position. It will also improve the quality of your life. It's not like you can place a price tag on your smile. If you are constantly thinking of ways...

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teeth whitening
Jun 13 2018

Teeth Whitening – You Deserve A Beautiful Smile

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental procedure which removes discoloration, lightens your teeth and improves the overall aesthetic appearance of your smile. Teeth can become discoloured as you grow older. It is said that there is direct correlation between getting older and the colour of your teeth. As a result of stains and discolouration you will find your teeth getting darker as you age. Our teeth have different shades, from brown to yellow and grey. Over time, the natural colour of your teeth changes in appearance. It is good...

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cosmetic dentistry
Jun 06 2018

A Look At Cosmetic Dentistry And How You Can Achieve A Stunning Smile

Whether it is subtle changes or major fixes, cosmetic dentistry can help enhance your smile. You may have discoloured teeth, chipped, gapped or misshapen teeth which can be fixed through numerous dental techniques. Your dentist can close spaces, reshape teeth, restore short teeth, alter the length of teeth or restore worn out teeth. There are common dental procedures provided by a dentist that can include bleaching, crowns, bonding, veneers, contouring and reshaping. However, not all procedures need to be cosmetic. There are many oral issues like your bite that dental...

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May 03 2018

Orthodontics And Children

According to The New York Times and other publications, the importance of early treatment orthodontics is increasingly understood by dental professionals worldwide. Having taught early treatment orthodontics as a member of the faculties of three U.S. dental schools, Dr Chris Baker is a pioneer in that field. She provides and recommends: All children receive an orthodontic exam by the age of seven. Early treatment can prevent more extensive orthodontics later on, and even help the child avoid orthographic surgery as an adult. If a young child — even as young as one...

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May 01 2018

Teeth In A Day In Dubai

Do you have advanced periodontal disease? Have you been advised that you need a denture? Are you delaying it because you don't have time for endless dental visits? Our solution is Teeth in a Day. After the diagnosis that you need a denture, we work on making a denture to be ready for your scheduled Teeth in a Day visit. On that day, there are three main steps: The teeth are removed Four implants are placed to act as anchors for the denture The pre-prepared immediate denture is fitted in by two fastenings to the implants –...

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dental implants
Apr 30 2018

Dental Implants – More Than A Simple Cosmetic Procedure

A smile transforms a person's entire appearance. And a great smile wouldn't look good if it were not for strong and healthy teeth. But, here's the downside, not everyone is born with a glorious smile or healthy teeth. If you are missing one or several teeth, you can choose to have dental treatment. The most effective replacement for missing teeth is dental implants. Dental implants are fixed to the jaw and become part of the bone structure. If you are considering dental implants, here are some amazing benefits to convince...

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cosmetic dentistry dubai
Apr 28 2018

The Countless Benefits Of Getting Dental Implants

Dental implants are fixed to the jawbone, ensuring your natural teeth are anchored perfectly in place. It is an artificial tooth but looks completely natural. No one looking at you would realize you've got an implant in your mouth. While it is a popular cosmetic procedure, it is not limited to being used for cosmetic purposes. There are numerous benefits to implants in Dubai.   Dental implants cannot be removed once attached to the jawbone. They unlike dentures cannot be removed whenever you wish. However, you can brush and floss your implant...

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good implants dubai
Apr 25 2018

Why Choose Dental Implants

A smile can alter a person's entire appearance. If it were not for healthy teeth, a smile wouldn't look as great. Here's the thing, not everyone is born with a glorious smile or strong teeth. What if you are missing a few teeth? It may cause you anxiety, or worse, embarrassment that you end up hiding inside your house. The most effective dental treatment for missing teeth are dental implants in Dubai. An implant is fixed to the jawbone and becomes a part of the bone structure. Here are some...

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dental veneers
Apr 23 2018

How Dental Veneers Can Help Overcome Numerous Dental Flaws

Are you experiencing awkwardness about chipped and broken teeth? Does your smile not make you happy and cause you concern? You may be feeling embarrassed as a result and shutting yourself away from the outside world. You hide your laugh and go often without smiling. It doesn't sound like you are living a very enjoyable life, having to hide out like that. There is a treatment to correct dental flaws referred to as dental veneers. It will not only correct the flaws mentioned, but it will also give you a...

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Apr 18 2018

Periodontal Disease And Diabetes – What You Need To Know

There are over a million people living with Diabetes in the UAE. Periodontal disease is a relatively common disease with some form of it affecting almost 80% of the adult population here in the UAE. It is an infection of the gums, tissue and bone that hold the teeth in place, and often results in tooth loss if not treated. The risk with periodontal disease if it is in the advanced stage, is that the bacteria that causes the infection can cross into the blood stream, causing harmful complications. Diabetics can be more...

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